* Asterisk on Zine Back Cover

If you followed the Asterisk (*) from the zine’s back cover to this blog, this post is the one you are looking for.

Only after printing the zine we realised that it is utterly inappropriate to use the term ‘factory farming’, because it has welfarist implications of abolishing ‘intensive’ and ‘mass’ farming factories, whilst keeping local, small and ‘home’ farms running. This was not our intention at all, and it should be clear from the zine that we are stricktly advocating for the abolition of all animal facilities.

Further, the numbers of the murdered animals we provided are, in fact, far too small. We did not mean to do an injustice to the billions of animals the numbers left out. We see our mistake as a reflection of the constant misinformation that is being spread by the industry and governmental bodies about the impact they really have.

To us, numbers are not of concern. For an anti-speciesist any amount of exploited and murdered animals is far too much, be the number 3 or 3 trillion.

As you can see, there’s still a lot of undoing speciesism ahead of us!

We will provide a more accurate estimate of the numbers as soon as possible.

~ aga

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