Call for zine submissions: ‘Human Impacts’

If you follow us on facebook you will already know about our upcoming zine, with the title ‘Human Impacts’


Contributions are welcome from all vegan women as well as those who might experience oppression as women, including non-binary and gender non-conforming people. We appreciate any form of expression that can be printed (prose, poems, songs, images). The Deadline is November 8th.

The theme for this issue is ‘Human Impacts’. We attribute a twofold meaning to the term ‘human’, one of which lies in our species belonging as separate to other animals and plants. We see it as important to acknowledge this differentiation, as belonging to the human species carries certain responsibilities towards other members of the global community (human and nonhuman). Secondly, we understand ‘the human’ as a concept which is socially constructed and at the same time carries connotations for the lived experiences in this world. Humanness then entails privilege which is only granted to some members of the human species. Absolute human privilege necessitates the white able-bodiedness of rich cis men.
We invite contributions that critically engage with either or both of these conceptualisations of the human. Additionally, the idea of having an impact can, of course, be understood as affecting change, be it destructive or constructive.

Some ideas that could (but don’t have to) be picked up:
-An examination of human impacts upon the environment
-An examination of human impacts upon animals/ or one certain species
-An examination of white/able-bodied/rich/male privilege as human privilege
-An examination of animalisation (of humans and animals)
-Accounts of successful/unsuccessful community engagement in activism/art/scholarship/education as a human imapact

Deadline for contributions: 08th November 2015 11PM London Time

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