A Message to Milda, in anger and solidarity.

Content Warning: Violence Against Trans People.

Yesterday evening we read some of the most concerning words you can read in a dear friends facebook status:

“It was already difficult to leave the house and step out to the world where everyone felt the need to tell me that I am not valid. Where everyone knew better how I should look, feel or be. Where at every step I was reminded ‘there is no place for me in today’s society’. Gender dysphoria didn’t helped either. So it took enormous amount of energy to get mentally ready even to get out of the bed.
But at least I was not scared of the physical violence. I could just put on sunglasses, so people couldn’t look into my eyes, wear headphones, so I couldn’t hear them and pretend that all of this did not matter. But now it changed…

So thank you world for nothing.
Well actually thank you for telling me that wearing a trans badge on my jacket & having a queer patch on my bag equals to the request to physically assault me. but hey, now I have some stitches on my forehead. it could be much worse, let’s stay positive. I could have broken arm or have lost my sigh. Or have a collapsed lung (oh wait, I already had that and now I even can’t wear my binder anymore..: /). But thank you for the irrational fear that now when someone will ask me if I am trans my first thought won’t be that they are just another cool queer person who wants to talk about gender and we could relate to each other, but rather that they hate me. and society says ‘stay positive’…”

These are words Milda wrote in their facebook status a day after being violently attacked in London. This is something that left all of us speechless, deeply saddened and angry.

It also is something that happens every day to trans people all over the world and it needs to stop. We can’t offer any words or actions that could be comforting to you, Milda and everybody else who has to live with this fear of violence. We can only offer our solidarity and condemn these attacks as the hate crimes they are.

Our hearts go out to you, Milda. We are glad you are now safe in your home, but we know it is a huge step to ever leave the safety of your home again. If we could, we would all gather around you and form a protective bubble so nobody could ever touch you. We hope you will recover swiftly and gain some energy, because you are so badass and amazing and we hate seeing you in pain. Stay proud.

Your anti-speciesist gang.

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