Good To know: Anti-Speciesist Definitions

Another extract from our zine double issue: This is our ‘Good to Know’ page with some definitions. The images below can be shared, printed out and distributed anywhere and everywhere.

good to know first pagegood to know pages

The images read:

ALF: Animal Liberation Front; anybody can be the ALF by liberating animals and sabotaging or destroying animal exploitation facilities; the ALF does not cause harm to humans nor animals.

Ally: Someone who stands in solidarity with you in a struggle that they are not directly affected by; for example: a man who shares our values but will never experience sexism.

Carnism: belief system underlying the choice to consume animal flesh; implies meat-eating as a choice, not a necessity; subset of speciesism; opposite of veganism.

Feminsim: ideology advocating social, political and economic justice for womxn; different versions of feminism advocate also for MOGAI folk, animals and the environment.

Intersectionality: describes the circumstances of working class women of colour who experience threefold oppression.

Kyriarchy: the social structure that keeps systems of oppressions in place; includes all forms of inequality; derived from the Ancient Greek word for master or lord, kyrios; the ideology that dismantles kyriarchy is anarchism.

MOGAI: Marginalised Orientations, Gender Alignments and Intersex.

Privilege: unearned societal power of a dominant group, at the expense of the disadvantaged group; for example: white privilege is the advantage white people hold over people of colour.

Speciesism: discrimination based on species; ideology upholding human superiority over other species and allowing some animals moral consideration over others; Anti-Speciesism is then the resistance towards this system of oppression.

swe(r)f: sex worker exclusionary (radical) feminist; is opposed to sex workers’ rights, and is dismissive of their views; if you’re one of them the same applies to you as for the terfs.

te(r)f: trans exclusionary (radical) feminist; fucked up bigots who we hate because they only recognise cis womxn as womxn; if you’re one of them, leave right now.

Veganism: belief system underlying the choice not to eat animal flesh nor secretions; ethical version of a plant-based diet.

Womxn: alternative spelling of women, implying that we don’t need men to be complete; rejecting the terf term womyn.

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