5 Womxn Who (don’t) Give a Shit

This is a spread from our first zine putting 5 womxn into the spotlight who are doing extraordinary animal work (a content warning that is not given in the spread, the ‘Friends on four legs’ story on the last page includes mention of violence towards women’):

5 womxn 15 womxn 2


Page 1:

A hand in front of an ALF Banner (Animal Liberation Front) showing the world the middle finger.

Page 2:

Title: 5 Womxn who (don’t) give a shit.

Text: 5 womxn who, just by being, tell kyriarchy’s animal oppressors to fuck off.

In solidarity with all animals and the ALF.

in small letters curated by aga.

Left bottom side: A picture of Maddie, the dog.

On the right side next to Maddie’s picture, text reads:

‘Defeating Stereotypes with Every Lick.

Maddie is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Boxer mix, the kind of dog who is either seen as a status symbol or someone to be scared of. That’s why shelters are full of her brothers and sisters. Agata, the human whole lives with her, says that many people are interested in Maddie asa fashionable dog. Everybody who spends one minute with her, realises what a unique person she really is. So long breed discrimination!’

Page 3:

The top left shows a picture of Miss Lady, the pig and her human, Emily. On the right side next ti the picture a text reads:

‘Fatshaming, a cross-species issue:

Miss Lady and Emily (from the left) et on a meat farm. Miss Lady, as the pet pic, was not destined to be killed. She’s seen hundreds of piglets being born, who she built friendships and a family with, only to endure the pain of watching them being abducted by humans. Considered ugly by most of them, due to her size, Miss Lady endured much hateful neglect. Until she met EMily! Who is now giving her and the other pigs she rescued all the love and dignity they deserve.


Under the picture of Miss Lady and Emily, there is the ALF logo. Underneath that we find a picture of Natalie, the human, behind the rooks Rocky and Mario. The text next to their picture reads:

‘Of Birds and Vets:

Natalie met Rocky and Mario as the two rooks fell out of their tree whilst strengthening their wings. Natalie, superwoman of wildlife, nurtured them, but Mario’s state didn’t improve. Whilst at the vet’s Natalie explained to another patient’s humans how easily young rooks perish, to which  the receptionist butted in: “well it’s not such a bad thing, they are vermin”/ It tok the receptionist one conversation with Natalie to change. She stroked Mario during his examination, whispering “aren’t you a beautiful bird” to him. A little less speciesism in her heart.’

Page 4:

The top left shows the facebook URL for the ‘Friends on 4 Legs Sanctuary’: facebook.com/friends.on.4.legs and underneath it is a picture of two sheep cuddling under a tree.

The text next to the picture on the right reads as follows:

‘Violence is Violence

Showing love and compassion in a violent world will inevitably be met by aggression and hate. Vera, who rescued these two kind souls (referring to the sheep in the picture), survived being severely beaten by a butcher and his neighbour, who criminalised the sheep for grazing on the wrong side of their sanctuary’s fence. As Vera says: Everything that happens at the sanctuary is all that the butcher is not.’

Under the picture of the sheep bold letters read: ’empty cages, NOW!’

Then the left bottom left side shows a picture of the human Sophie giving Brenda, the chicken, a wing massage. The text on the right next to it reads:

‘Nobody Should Be Referred to as a Good Meal

Sophie is giving Brenda her daily wing massage. They met when Brenda and her sisters were rescued from a farm, where she’d lived in crowded sheds with 250.00 others, orphaned and lost. Brenda was discriminated against for laying too few eggs as well as her weight. On the farm, Brenda would have gone unnoticed until the day of her murder. Through Sophie, Brenda was considered and loved. Affectionate, charming and defiant, as Sophie says, Brenda was a real friend.’


until all are free.







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