What They Said

Here are some quotes we collected by vegan feminist authors for our first zine:

Quotes page


Emily Gaarder: ‘When women make the choice to become animal rights activists, they should be considered, in the words of bell hooks, “political thinkers making political choices” (1989, 95). Only within this framework can we begin to understand the social and political relevancy of women’s narratives of activism, and the majority status they hold in the movement for animal rights. Such a framework might also inspire women activists to reimagine the significance of their extraordinary political choices’.

Patricia MacCormack: ‘”of course animals enjoy interactions with humans” or “we can help as much as hurt”, “animal systems can teach us how to be posthuman”, or the most basic question: “we need to think differently about animals”. No. We need to think about the undoing of us, whatever that means.’

Melissa Santosa: Veganism cultivates an attention to minute details of food ingredients, clothing labels, and how the things you consume are produced. This mindfulness leads to the deeper investigation of all the things you consume, not only as to their material content, but also the conditions in which the products are manufactured, and the standard of living they create for all those on the chain of raw material, manufacturing, selling, buying, and disposing.’

Lisa Kemmerer: ‘Marriage grants a man “legal license to his wife’s sexual and reproductive services, [while] the model of animal husbandry grants agribusiness and wildlife managers access to the bodies and reproductive services of other-than-human animals” (Kheel, Nature, 231). Women and nonhuman animals are exploited for their reproductive abilities, and both are devalued as they age and wear out – when they are no longer to reproduce’.

Joan Dunayer: ‘Even the word nonhuman divides all animals into two, seemingly opposed categories: Humans and everyone else. With equal validity we could categorise all animals as robins and nonrobins’.

Breeze Harper: ‘The British who sipped their sugary teas considered themselves civilized, despite the torture and slavery it took to get that white sugar into their tea cups, along with the cotton and tobacco they used. Collectively, maybe we in the U.S. are too addicted to see clearly, to see past the next fix. This addictive behaviour has occurred for centuries. Sadly, those who were originally enslaved to harvest sugar cane (Africans and indigenous Americans) are now enslaved in multiple ways: as consumers of sucrose, hormone-injected processed meat and dairy products, and junk food’.

Pattrice Jones: ‘Women make most food purchases and preparation decisions. If women are going to both go vegan and withstand the demands of male family members for meat, women must be emboldened to resist their own subordination and at the same time reject the oppression of nonhuman individuals’.





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