Photography: Almeria, Spain – by Esther

This is a copy of Esther’s contribution to our zine’s second issue on human impacts (Below the original images and the text transcript). Thank you Esther ❤

almeria, spain

The text reads:

26.000 hectares of greenhouses. Most of them are poorly constructed with toxic plastic tarp. The area reeks of toxic pesticides. Those who harvest the fruit and vegetables are not provided with protective masks and they are so severely poor that they live in shelter made from trash. The ocean and its inhabitants are also being poisoned.


Image Descriptions:

Top Left: View onto the valley of greenhouses next to the ocean. This is where more than half of Europe’s supply of tomatoes, courgettes, cucumbers and peppers comes from.

Top Right: Billboards advertising the produce in the region.

Bottom Left: One of the many huts constructed out of trash, tucked between rows of greenhouses. A hut like this often houses families with children.

Here are the original images:

almeria1almeria 3almeria 2



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