Poetry: Lessons from a Society that is… by Elecia

lessons from a society that is


This poem released in our first zine was written by by Elecia:

Lessons from a society that is…

  1. governed by an elite minority of selfish class privileged liars

    tolerating bankers that steal thousands avoiding taxes

    cheating workers out of a living wage

    neglecting the foundations of the empires built

    from power and


  2. constructed to support and promote a capitalist system

    teaching contentment through consumerism

    assembled on exploiting workers

    for the benefit of those

    who can afford

    to ignore


  3. encouraging materialism and money spending

    apparently justifying the objectification

    sexualisation and manipulation

    of marginalized individuals

    unfairly represented

    stereotyped and


  4.  commodifying animals into objects to be bought and sold

    their existence exclusively serving human desires

    enduring violence and imprisonment

    under the guise of improving

    the health and pleasure

    of people who control


  5. singularly validating lives worthy of autonomy and power

    rejecting groups determined to be ‘less-than’

    based on sex, race, class, gender, age,

    sexuality, ability, size and species

    some experiencing privileges

    while others are


 6. We

will not

be complacent

in a hierarchy created

by those who profit from

life at the top of an unjust system

We will resist until all are free.

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