This is Sammi’s contribution to the second issue of our zine (transcript below). Thank you, Sammi ❤porkies speciesist language




Speciesist slang for Lies

Lies = Pork Pies = Porkies

If we didn’t milk cows they would have too much milk and it would be really painful for them.

If we didn’t milk cows they wouldn’t produce more milk then they need for their children.

Humans need cow’s milk to keep their bones and teeth strong and healthy.

Calves need cow’s milk to grow strong and healthy.

Cows constantly produce milk with no human intervention.

Cows produce milk for the same reason humans do, to feed their offspring. Humans do intervene; they forcibly inseminate cows without their consent. Rape.

Animals don’t have emotions.

Animals are sentient beings just like humans, they feel emotion just as humans do.

If we didn’t eat animals then they would just roam around and wouldn’t be able to survive.

If we didn’t eat animals then they wouldn’t be forcibly bred and in turn would live natural self-sufficient lives in their natural numbers.

Animals don’t feel pain.

Animals and humans share similar mechanisms of pain detection, have similar areas of the brain involved in processing pain and show similar pain behaviours.

Free range eggs are made by happy chickens.

Chickens kept on ‘free range farms’ are exploited, many kept in horrendous conditions and all eventually share the same fate once they are seen as having no more value to humans – death.

If you stop consuming animal products you’re just letting animals die in vain.

If you stop consuming animal products you are no longer voting with your money to continue the cycle of pain and torture inflicted on animals.

Horses love being ridden, I love my horse.

Many horses suffer from mental and physical health problems caused by humans riding them. No animal should be owned.

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