Zine Issue 1 Thanks

Below is a copy of the thank you page released in our first zine. Still under the name Anti-Speciesist Women – not Collective – we thanked everybody who made the zine possible. This is what the page reads:

Anti Speciesist Women

Speciesism: discrimination based on species. This ideology includes believing in human superiority over animals and allowing some animals moral consideration over others. Anti-Speciesism is then the resistance towards this system of oppression.

Anti-Speciesist Women are working to actively expose and dismantle oppressive structures. We are a collective that recognizes the connections between oppressions (sexism, speciesism, racism, ageism, fat-shaming, colonialism and all forms of imperialism, classism, MOGAI-hate) which are spread and maintained through kyriarchy. Andy womxn who shares these values with us, can be an Anti-Speciesist Womxn!

We want to thank everybody who made this publication possible and everybody who continues to support us and stand in solidarity with us. Thank you to all the amazing contributors. We also want to extend our thanks and solidarity to everybody who in thought and practice continues to make this world a better place.


(please note, the wordpress address and the email are no longer valid, as we have changed our name to Anti-Speciesist Collective to incorporate our non-binary members).


issue 1 thanks

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