Double Issue Zine Made Accessible

We have uploaded the pages from our double issue Zine onto the blog. Feel free to have a look at what interests you, share your favourite pieces or read the whole thing all together.

You can also view both complete zines by clicking here Double Issue (Still under our old name Anti-Speciesist Women): 1 Feminism + Speciesism: Making the Connection / 2 Human Impacts.

Click on the content below the image to reach the parts of the zine you want to look at.

double issue cover

Double Issue Cover

Support the Blackmail 3

Feminism and Speciesism: Making the Connection Zine 1


Untitled – lex

The Exploited Women – kaya

Respect’, ‘Womxn are not Your Objects’ and ‘The World that Changed the Quotes’- casey


5 Womxn Who (Don’t) Give a Shit – aga

Lessons from a Society that Is… – elecia

Pro-Choice – amy

The interconnectedness of all – andy

Human Impacts: Zine 2

The ‘Human’: More than White Able Masculinity? – aga

Human Impacts Film – noreen

Cut the Crap – amy

Liberate your Language – elecia

‘War in Vietnam’ and ‘One Rat’s Tale’ – lex

Thoughts on Human Impacts – caitlin

‘Porkies’ – sammi

Almeria, Spain – esther

Human Milk for Human Babies – kaya

Poison – casey

Mother Earth – Net Worth? – andy



2 thoughts on “Double Issue Zine Made Accessible

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