Anti-Speciesist Women – Now Anti-Speciesist Collective

Anti-Speciesist Collective Run by Non-Binary People and Womxn

You might have noticed a few changes around here. We have evolved as a group a lot throughout the last year, but we have never managed to fully reflect this in our public appearance.

Our physical discussion group, located in Cambridge UK, has since it’s inception in October 2014 been open not only to womxn but also non-binary people who experience misogyny. Soon we noticed that we must adapt our name to become more inclusive and to honour the hard work our non-binary organisers are putting into this group. This is how Anti-Speciesist Womxn has become the Anti-Speciesist Collective. Now we have also finally come up with a ‘new look’ for our public/online presence. Below you can see our brand new hand-drawn Anti-Speciesist Collective dodo created by Emily.

The new Anti-Speciesist Collective Logo: A Hand Drawn Dodo

The new Anti-Speciesist Collective Logo: A Hand Drawn Dodo

Our appearance might have changed but we still stand for the same principles:

We seek to create safer spaces for womxn and non-binary people in the animal liberation movement, so as to encourage and empower ourselves and one another.

We challenge not only speciesist but also masculinist and imperialist power relationships within the movement and beyond and we actively work towards dismantling these power structures, which we see originating in kyriarchy.

We have a bi-monthly discussion group, exclusively for womxn and non-binary people. We meet in Cambridge (UK) where each week we discuss different themes concerning kyriarchy and animals (if you’d like to attend at any time, please get in touch, we are always excited about new people joining!).

We have also published two issues of a zine, which you can access here.

You might also see us around at fairs, festivals and demos. At these events we refrain from possibly traumatising or triggering people by using harmful tactics such as the ones we wrote about in this post for example. We are always happy to speak to people of all genders at these events and we appreciate the support our allies have shown us over the last year!

Lots of love and solidarity!

Your Anti-Speciesist Collective

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