Strawberry Fair Report

We’ve got reports from three ASC members who tabled at Strawberry Fair with us. Thank you to everyone who supported us by buying our zines or to everyone who just  by coming over and sharing a smile made our day! If you are interested in getting involved with the group, attending our discussion group, tabling with us at fairs or contributing to our zine, let us know!


“What a fair this year! I was on two stalls so I couldn’t spend the whole day with ASC, however the time I did spend there was lovely. So many warm and compassionate people came over to have a chat. The weather was beautiful as we tucked into our vegan fish and chips and admired the amazing art work of one of our ASC members. We helped people make the connection while meeting like minded people and having some wonderful conversations. Thank you to everyone who came and supported us, hopefully we are one step further to animal and human liberation.”




Cw: domestic violence, discussion of fur farms

“ASC had our stall at Strawberry Fair for the second year running! We were really excited about meeting new people and sharing our zines and artwork with others. Luckily, our stall was near our friends and fellow activists at Cambridge Hunt Sabs and StandUp, a grassroots youth animal rights group. We were also next to a vegan ‘fish’ and chips van – surrounded by awesome vegans!

Unfortunately, not all stalls at the fair are free from violence. We saw a stall selling fur and animal skulls (the stall owner told us that the fur came from ‘roadkill’, although we believe this is untrue). Fur farms are horrifically cruel, and animals bred and kept for fur are often skinned alive. Please do not support this industry by buying fur.



The day was overcast, and for the most part fairly quiet. We met some lovely, compassionate people – including someone I met at our stall last year – who we had constructive and positive discussions with. Inevitably, we also had someone joke that cleaning bacteria is a speciesist act (which we led into a conversation about sentience) and a few people questioning the apparently ‘sexist’ nature of a group for womxn and non-binary people that excludes men (check out our FAQ page for our answer on this).

We also witnessed a traumatic incident which left some of our volunteers feeling shaken. ASC is an anti-oppression group, and we do not tolerate any kind of violence or aggressive behaviour and recognise the importance of reflecting this in our everyday actions. We were concerned about approaching the womxn, as it could have put not only us but the womxn and children in further danger. In the face of public displays of domestic abuse, we would usually advise following at a distance and if at all possible (keeping your safety and the safety of the other person firmly in mind) discreetly giving the victim of abuse information for local helplines (see for more information about support in Cambridge).  However, watching the situation unfold, we were in a position where we had a safe space and were able to offer support.


“While I didn’t get much hurt physically (I got pushed on the table and got some bruises on my back), it really affected me emotionally, especially as someone questioned if it is was a right thing to do to offer solidarity to the womxn and the children, because that way according to the person we were inviting violence towards us. But no, it was the right thing to do, violence never can be tolerated and I’m so proud that we as a group stood for what we believe. Personally I think this act of violence even strengthen us a group. I knew that I had everyone’s support and their backs, no matter what will happen. I hope we can turn this negative experience into something more positive and reflect it in our works in the future. And more than ever I’m sure that we will keep doing what we do and showing solidarity to every survivor of violence. Hopefully our works and acts will inspire others to stand up wherever possible for themselves and/or others. “

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