Music Monday with an all vegan Music Festival and Nicole Carter Cash

written by: aga, she/her

It’s Music Monday again! We’re doing this thing every Monday where we give a platform to vegan womxn and non-binary people who make music.

Today we have a double feature!

We are introducing The Kaos Skola Festival run by vegan power woman Esther. And as a musical treat we are showing you Nicole Carter Cash, vegan musician who will be playing at Kaos Skola.

kaos skola festival logo

Esther lives with her family of two humans and many animals in the beautiful countryside in Sweden. Their house is wedged right between two lakes in a forest and that is also the location of the Kaos Skola Festival.

It’s a small intimate event with around 100 people coming from Sweden, Germany and the UK. If you want to spend a laid back time, enjoy home cooked vegan meals and good company then you should totally buy a ticket and join the fun.

All profit goes to a good cause

Whaaaaat? Yes, you read correctly. Not only is this the only known (to us anyway) vegan festival but also will all proceeds go straight to three organisations: A grassroots group working for refugees (tbc.), Hard To Port working to end commercial Whale hunting in Iceland, and the Palestinian Animal League, working to protect animals in the occupied Palestinian territories – both of them run by vegans of course.

If you’re intrigued give the Kaos Skola Festivival a like on their facebook page and head over to their website to find out more.

Excellent German soft indie by Nicole Carter Cash

Nicole Carter Cash is an up and coming acoustic/indie/folk musician with a powerful voice and music that might bring a tear or two to your eyes. If you understand German, her lyrics will definitely make you reach for the tissues: She manages to gracefully address the most confusing moments in life and takes us on a poetic journey through the life of a young adult facing and overcoming every day obstacles. In the end she leaves her audience with a feeling that we are not alone and that there is someone else going through the same stuff we are.

To stay up to date with new releases and tour dates check out Nicole Carter Cash on:

facebook          blogspot          soundcloud

Esther recommended two wonderful songs by Nicole Carter Cash for us that we want to share with the world. Kaos Skola spoiler alert, the trampoline and the adorable dogs in the first video live at the festival location – one more incentive to come visit this summer!




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