Rein In Cruelty


Anti-Speciesist Collective has teamed up with local grassroots activist group StandUp to campaign against the use of live reindeers at Scotsdales Garden Centre in Cambridge.

Reindeers naturally roam in the polar region within complex social groups. When they are imported (usually from Scandinavia), they are split from their families and forced to live in conditions that are not adequate for their welfare. Living in cramped conditions and surrounded by loud noises is incredibly stressful, especially for young reindeer. Scotsdales are using reindeers as entertainment props throughout the Christmas period – this sends a dangerous message to the young children that it is acceptable to use animals for human pleasure.

We are calling on Scotsdales to stop using live reindeers in their store. You can support this campaign by:

signing and sharing the petition:…

and checking out the event page for the social media campaign:

Support and solidarity x
~ elecia

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