Music Monday with The Tuts!

by Casey ~ they/them

The Tuts are a “3-tone girl band, punk-pop trio from Hayes. Live they seriously pack a punch and are noted for their impassioned songs about sexism, feminism and everyday life-isms. The Selecter’s Pauline Black describes The Tuts sound as: ‘infectious guitar led pop wrapped around fiery drums, sharp tongues & splendid harmonies’.” Quoted from their Bandcamp and Facebook description. 



“The Tuts are a band that possess that irrepressible spirit unique to independent DIY bands.”


They are an amazing vegan feminist band and you should totally support them! They have recently gave a LIVE interview and acoustic performance on BBC Asian Network Radio.

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 15.53.26.png

From their Instagram

The Tuts are bringing the much needed diversity to the white-washed Punk Scene. Find all of their links below:

The Tuts Bandcamp       The Tuts Facebook         The Tuts Website        The Tuts Youtube

They’re also on snapchat, instagram and spotify!

Songpick: Tut Tut Tut 


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