Music Monday with Cane Sugar

written by amy, she/her

Welcome to another Music Monday!

Cane Sugar is a queer vegan girl and Buddhist, with socialist-libertarian political leanings. Her main musical influences are Ruby Throat and Clams Casino (hearing “I’m God” was a particularly sound-defining moment).

Connect with Cane Sugar here:

Bandcamp        Twitter       Instagram

Any future suggestions for Music Monday? Let us know!

Music Monday with Sadfem

written by aga, she/her; amy, she/her

It’s Music Monday again, which means we have another vegan musician for you today!

Today we have Sadfem for you, a UK-based producer and rapper, mostly making electronic music and not shying away from incorporating real issues such as mental health into the lyrics. She frequently collaborates with female and trans artists, with her next album set to feature all-female remixes and vocals.

Get in touch with Sadfem here:

Bandcamp          Twitter          Soundcloud

Check out Sadfem’s track ‘when’ here:

Music Monday with The Sulkies

~ aga

Today is Music Monday, which means we have another vegan musician featured here for you! Today you are in for some queercore DIY pop music with anarchist lyrics that will inspire you to be free in everything you do!

Check out the Sulkies:

We are always happy to receive tips about vegan female or non-binary musicians. So if you heard someone good recently, let us know!

Music Monday with Perkie

~ aga

It’s Music Monday again, which means we are featuring vegan non-binary and female musicians on our blog! Today we have Perkie.

We particularly love Perkie’s song ‘Things that make us different’ from the Hunt Saboteurs Split.

Head over to Perkie’s bandcamp page where you can download the split. All money will be donated to the Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Sabs. And, if you’re on facebook, give Perkie a like!

If you know of vegan non-binary person or womxn who makes music, please let us know, we would love to feature them on here! There music does not necessarily have to be animal themed.

Music Monday with Casey

by aga


We are launching Music Monday today!

Every Monday we will try to give a platform to a vegan non-binary or female musician. If you know anybody who falls under that category let us know!

We will start off with our very own Casey who sings and plays guitar about everything to do with liberation. They are an acoustic folky singer with a powerful voice and even more powerful messages. Their songs deal with animal exploitation and other kinds of oppression. They are fierce and speak their mind, so their songs might not always be safe for work but they will always give you that energy you need to face another day in world full of shitty people. In the end, Casey does always remind us that solidarity wins over hate, though!

Casey is about to record their first album, so stay tuned for more. If you want to hear what they have released so far or find out about gig dates and locations, keep in touch with Casey here:

Casey on Soundcloud          Casey on Bandcamp          Casey on Instagram

They are playing at Ely Festival and the totally vegan Kaos Skola Festival in Sweden (all Kaos Skola proceeds are going to two animal charities and a refugee organisation to buy tickets go to the festival website).

For much needed solidarity and love after Brexit we chose to share with you Casey’s brand new acoustic improv song about Xenophobia in the UK.

We hope you enjoy it and we are looking forward to your suggestions for future Music Monday features!