Anti-Speciesist Collective are working to actively expose and dismantle oppressive structures. We are a collective that recognizes the connections between oppressions (sexism, speciesism, racism, ageism, fat-shaming, colonialism and all forms of imperialism, classism, MOGAI-hate) are spread and maintained through kyriarchy. Any womxn or non-binary person who shares these values with us, can be part of Anti-Speciesist Collective!

We are creating a platform for all womxn and non-binary people, and we invite all gender-deviant, non-conforming and queer people to smash kyriarchy with us!

We recognise that:

1) many feminists don’t see species as a valid identity dimension and thus don’t acknowledge speciesism as a system of oppression.

2) the animal rights movement is made up mainly of womxn, yet a masculine hero culture prevails and marginalises womxn and non-binary people.

We actively work to remedy both issues by offering safer spaces for non-binary people and womxn during book and film discussions. We also take part in peaceful protest action, outreach and education. We are all constantly learning.

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