Poison – Zine Contribution by Casey

This poem was published in the second issue of our zine. Thank you Casey ❤


Lauren now goes by the name Casey.

This is the transcript of poem:


What is it that poisons you?

is it the words you were told when you were growing up, trying to put you in a

corrupt confined catergory

a tick box, decisions had to be made on the spot

you were 13 you didn’t know the meaning of the word sexuality

you didn’t know, when you grow up you’ll be sexualized objectified and

oppressed. You didn’t know you’d be told that the beauty that nature holds

doesn’t hold itself upon you until the hairs are no more. You didn’t know that one

night you’d try with all your might yet the word no still didn’t stop it occurring.

Re-occuring the nightmares and dark visions you have, your outfit of more

importance than the crime you never asked for.

They want you to hide your nature to hide your body to hide the things that

distracts men most.

Well my body is mine, you have to deal with that. Deal with your mind don’t

become a corrupted twat

What is it that poisons you?

You being the oppresser

You were told that eating meat, spreading violence and dominanting was what

defined your gender. You’re lied to, we all are. This corrupt system trying to

cover up the scars, the dead bodies in the ground that this economy is built on. It

disgusts me that people still think we are equal. How dare you? I got asked one

day. They looked me up and down and here I’m thinking I want to shrink into the


Shrink no more I will do. Shout out loud more for you, for the younger

generations this worlds going down and don’t let it take you too.

Art: Human Impacts – Zine Contribution by Noreen

Noreen made a film about Human Impacts. Here are some stills from the film accompanying a poem written by Noreen with the transcript below. You can find the original German audio-visual work by clicking here.

Content Warning: Speciesism.

Thank you Noreen for your contribution! ❤

noreen film noreen film zine second issue 2

I look into the mirror.

I see a person.

Everybody likes this person.

Everybody except of me.

My mirror image is a stranger.

A girl with black hair.

A girl with rouged eyes.

A girl wit a painful

and longing look.


I have to be this person.

Everybody wants me to be this girl.

Everybody except of me.


I have the longing to be myself.

Be the person hiding behind the face.

Show everybody who I am

how I feel and what I feel.


You don’t understand me.

You can’t understand me.

You don’t even try.

I’m hated for being myself.

I’m not accepted for being different.


Where is your tolerance?

Your sympathy?


In our society we eat meat.

We eat animals.

Living beings.


That’s normal and normal is good.

Abuse them.

Kill them.

Eat them.


Humans destroy our environment.

The nature, our earth.

Humans hurt themselves.

They make war.


Humans behave intolerant.

Have no understanding for

different sentiments.


Why we do that?

Where is our compassion?


“I see a world, which is different.

A world giving love and not only take.

Where you can be how you are,

Without the fear to show who you are.


Understand – No you don’t have to.

And I don’t have to justify,

explain or defend myself somehow or other.


I don’t condemn you for ignorance.

So don’t condemn me, because my heart screams after a free world.”

I want Peace

Love for All.