Our Authors

Anti-Speciesist Collective is a forever growing group with many different contributors. If you ever want to get involved and post something on the blog, then please message us on our facebook page! Below are some introductions from our main authors:




Aga grew up in a Polish family in Germany and has lived in England for the past 7 years, where she got her PhD. She is a writer whose texts mostly deal with shitty white cis guys and the way they animalise everyone around them.






Elecia is a queer science fiction enthusiast who spends her spare time watching cartoons and reading dystopian novels. She works in a school with young autistic students and lives in Cambridgeshire with her partner Sammi and Kimba, their cat companion.






SEA SHARP is a Pushcart Prize winning poet (2017), a Hammer and Tongue poetry slam finalist (Brighton, 2015/16), and a Prairie Seed Poetry Prize winner (2015/16). Their debut collection, “The Swagger of Dorothy Gale & Other Filthy Ways to Strut” (Ice Cube Press, 2017) is now available for purchase.

Sharp was the first poet to be featured on the Black Vegans Rock website (launched in 2016). They are passionate about intersectional veganism, black feminism, and other social movements that actively work towards empowering marginalized people, whilst dismantling all forms of oppression.

Checkout their website: www.seathepoet.co and follow them @SeaThePoet.



Casey is a non-binary musician whose music mainly focuses on human rights and animal rights issues. They have two EPs out and a few singles. They are going to study Anthropology and International Relations September 2017, and are currently living in Berlin. Caseys other interests include reading, tattoos, food, and Netflix.

Follow them on soundcloud,  instagram and twitter for anti-kyriarchy stuff!





Sammi is a Media student and has spent the last year working as a Student’s Union President. As a queer person with working-class roots, they challenge class and gender-based oppression in their politics and everyday actions. For self-care, they play video games, reads comics and watches movies.






Emily is an English language teacher and teacher trainer based in Cambridge. She lives with her two cat companions Daisy and Colin, and became vegan in early 2015. She likes rollerskating, eating, watching movies, finding out out about new music, playing guitar and sitting in the garden.